We are waiting for you to taste traditional Sicilian dishes.

A Putia was born out of our family's love and passion for good food and excellent wine, we are the furthest thing from a fast food restaurant or those restaurants that behind so many big words sell you empty talk.

We would therefore advise you to go elsewhere if you are in a hurry or expect sophistication but to sit down if you want to be ‘arricriare’ (satisfied) by real Sicilian cuisine.

Welcome to the
wine shop a Putia delle cose buone

An all-Sicilian tradition

A Putia was born out of our family's passion for good food and excellent wine. 

The creator is Salvo, a lover of rural tradition, a firm opponent of 'gastronomic progress' and a supporter of the most significant dishes of Sicilian tradition.

Sicily that we love because it is rich in culture, gastronomy, flavours and colours, where the diversity of the land, made up of sea and mountains, is a treasure trove of the multitude of people who have settled on our island over the centuries, giving rise to a variety of products and ingredients that are natural, exotic, genuine and with unique flavours.

What we will try to do, therefore, is to lead our guests by the hand to experience with us a simple, tasty food and wine journey, rich in history and emotions.

We are a family that, to paraphrase a famous Bertoli song, "has an open, straight look at the world and one foot that sinks firmly into Syracuse". Being, as we like to call ourselves, 'Naif', we love art in all its nuances and wish to make every person who visits us feel at home and at home. 

So you may happen to sit in your grandfather's chair repainted in bright colours, drink a coffee in Grandma Nella's good china or even sit at the large table in the old family dining room, which has also been 'reupholstered' with a new look.

We love to give a second life to those objects that have their own story and something to tell, and we personalize everything that comes into our home. In fact, at Putia there are only things born from our (sick?:) hands and minds, from paintings to chandeliers, from chairs to tables, and from menus to (crooked) photos on the walls.

A final curiosity concerns the name at Putia delle cose buone. We chose one that reminds us of our childhood and of Nonna Iuccia's Putia (shop) where we grew up on bread and love as children.

Sicilian wine shop

A cuisine that tastes of sea, land and mountains.

An unrepeatable mixture of flavours, the result of a multi-millennial history that has seen them add up, without ever cancelling each other out.
All based on raw materials of exceptional quality that give life to a simple, old-fashioned cuisine.

The essence of tastes.

Those who come 'A Putia taste a different Syracuse.

Taste the fruits of a province made up of municipalities such as Ferla, Cassaro, Buccheri, Sortino and Palazzolo Acreide. Small villages perched among hills rich in scents and products that are not rooted in the sea but in the earth.

Surrounded by comfortable surroundings

The welcome maintains the simplicity of family warmth. Open kitchen and simple, comfortable environment

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Via Roma, 8 | 96100 Siracusa (SR)
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